sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

22-June-2010 (4:22pm)

The Floor is coloured by the motion of your speed to think or to feel,
whatever you enjoy better.
The Sight is painted by the motion of your appreciation of perspectives.
The people are drawn by the motion of their roots,
until you take the time to share.
I feel the colours.
I see uniqueness.
I undraw people.

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010


No me siento con ganas de ser yo mismo; me siento débil, sumiso, ordinario.
Tal vez simplemente deba cambiar; al parecer el cómo era antes no es suficiente, no era real.
Soy un espejismo de un deseo a cumplir.
Soy un amante de lo ilegal.
A veces se me olvida lo natural que es la sintonía y lo imposible que es evadirla.

8-Junio-2010 (8:23pm)

Los pájaros se divierten volando.

Los perros se divierten ladrando.

Los caballos se divierten corriendo.

Los delfines de divierten nadando/saltando.

Los humanos nos divertimos ___________________.

jueves, 10 de junio de 2010


When the gavel of truth hits my casket, I'll be beaming to the muse of life without scattering, without the awestruck of the prankster life.
God gazed at me and I can see in his pupils the dusk.
All this hallucination to enjoy the uttermost of writing.

It was a dim, moist day when I felt the gall to grin with sharp teeth.

4-Junio-2010 (3:36pm)

In line, waiting the whiteout.
Offline, acting beyond reacting.
Those sunglasses surely hide,
That lipstick surely shines.
I'm hunting the sound,
swimming my wave,
constantly surprised.

lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

3-Junio-2010 (4:41)

Que afortunada Familia verdad!
Mientras más crecemos, mas nos damos cuenta de cuanto tenemos..
Tenemos TODO.

martes, 1 de junio de 2010

2:47pm 1-Jun-10

I felt so sad that day when you said:
“It’s my fault for having expectations of you”
I couldn’t believe it; I don’t accomplish your expectations.
My heart howls like the loneliest wolf to the moonless sky.

But when darkness equals light, I take the chance to ride your shoes.
Why should I expect something from you?
When it's fabulous to meet you every day.
And just then, the flaming truth burns.

We are all different colors melting to serve;
without judgment, without shame
no one gets disappointed.

Now I understand we're both at fault whenever we expect.

The sweetest hug

Hug yourself at the same time you hug others.